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It makes me drown in deep thought that what will happen in the future
highly-developed world. The director implies it in different ways.
Firstly, most people can’t express themselves freely. As we can easily
see, they wear the same clothes all the time. I suppose people like Bin
and Abi are like the middle class people in the society, they even wear
the grey suits when they sleep. What the star says is that she likes to
wear gold clothes, she thinks gold colour can express her perfectly.
Under this condition, most people don’t even chase for something, they
just live through days and nights unconsciously. It’s just like people
don’t have souls.
Secondly, this society is strictly divided by classes. The relatively
lower class people can’t get respect. I found that in the shooting game
Bin played, the targets were the cleaners who were fat in yellow. It can
be also seen from how the judges react to Abi and Bin, they just care
about the interests and show no respect to their performance such as
stopping them arbitrarily or say the performance is worthless.
Discrimination is everywhere.
Thirdly, our lives are exhaustively monitored. If Bin doesn’t pay, he
can’t simply choose to close his eyes to avoid watching the ads. The
machine will find that view obstructed and urging Bin to resume viewing.
How absurd!

What is the Game of Consequence? It’s that you need to pay for what you
did. The consequence of Internet bully is death. It’s the ground full of
corpse bags, to be exact, 387,306 corpse bags. In other TV series or
movies, the principle will be something like no punishment if everybody
does it, but when I see the scene in Black Mirror, I was really

At first I find Chris hard to understand, and then I realize he has
something I don’t have. Actually we have a lot in common. I just think
that one can still live his ideal life in a society if he’s mentally
free. Civilization is not that evil. At least philosophy and science
help us better understand the world and make us live longer and
healthier. Our mind can be free even though our body is trapped. I still
want the truth, rather than money, fame, fairness and everything. I want
to get along with fear and loneliness, since I know I’ll get a lot of
them if I want to live a conscious life. In the movie, Chris says don’t
try to be strong, feel strong. I understand his tears and agree with his
idealism. I just think it’s better to be alive and live physically well
to make those ideas realized.

Take pride in your abilities, and always use your powers for good
instead of evil. Someday, you’ll be remembered for what you did with

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This episode is kind of a murder mystery story.
The first three victims are Jo Powers, Tusk and Clara Meades who all did
something ridiculous and suffered from Internet-bullying. Thousands of
people insult them in the Internet. The reason why they died is that
they are the target of the day refer to Game of Consequence. Game of
Consequence is that if you hate someone, just post his or her photo and
name with the hashtag #Death To and the most popular target will be
killed by 5 p.m. each day. After the first three victims’ death, the
murderer’s target is all the people who have taken part in the Game of

Chris is so loved by many people. They want to help him, do a lot of
things for him. They know his master plan and insights on life. Chris is
kind and nice. He also believes in helping people in need. He said
killing the cow was the biggest mistake he made in life. He gave his
last quarter to the man next to him at the phone booth so that that man
can finish his call. He donated all his savings to the charity. There’s
no reason I don’t love this guy. He is too good to be true.


The story sets in a highly-developed world where people live in their
own box made of black mirrors, and most of them earn merits by riding
bikes like the two main roles: Abi and Bin. In this world, the same
class of people wears the same clothes, only a few people can wear what
they want and for other people, they can only spend merits to dress
their virtual Avatars to whoever they like. The world is like an app
store, people spend their merits to buy virtual things and food to get
kind of happiness.
The hero Bin lives without any desire as everyone else until he meets
Abi, who sings well and who is beautiful. Bin wants to help Abi to Hot
Spot where most stars get started so he spend most all of his merits
(fifteen million) to acquire a golden ticket for Abi.t thing doesn’t go
as Bin, or Abi thought, the judges only want to squeeze Abi’s highest
value so as to encourage her to become an adult actress on Wraith Babe.
After dithering for a long time, and dragged on a substance called
“Cuppliance”, Abi finally agrees under the screaming of “Do it” from the
Bin becomes very disappointed after all this mess, but he can’t even
avoid watching Abi’s program because of his lack of merits. Bin soon
starts earning merits for another golden ticket for himself in order to
express his feelings about all these things. But finally, when he stands
on the stage and tells all the people how he thinks with great passion
and the determination of suicide, the judges tell him that his speech
was so brilliant that they would set up a channel for him. Bin feels so
unprepared, under the screaming of “Do it” but agrees in the end.

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“The core of human spirit comes from new experiences.” “You are wrong if
you think the joy of life comes principally from human relationships.
God’s placed it all around us. It’s in everything, in anything we can
experience. People just need to change the way they look at these
things.” I was much relieved when I heard him say this. I think of all
my indulgence. It’s like my whole world is centered on my feelings
towards a relationship. But that’s not true. All my sufferings are real,
but those are only clouds that are passing by and I’ve got a whole

Take a risk on something you’ll probably lose.

Abi may not make the choice herself because she drinks the “Cuppliance”
which refers to a cup of compliance. We can say that Abi makes the
choice reluctantly. But Bin doesn’t drink that, so it’s obvious that Bin
makes his choice totally by himself with his clear mind. He wanted to
change the entire system once in a time, but he compromises with the
system and become an upper class in the system.
All through the plot I think Bin is a very sensible man. He knows what
he wants, he never watches the TV program he dislikes. He actually knows
that being a person on the screen isn’t what he wants but he just
becomes. At the end of the episode, we see Bin sitting in a bigger
black-mirror cell, looking at more real but fake scenery and drinking
orange juice and putting the glass piece which made him well-known into
a luxury box, and an industrial penguin take place of the one Abi made
by hand. I can’t feel any kind of happiness through all his actions but
see depression. It’s that he knows the disadvantage of the system and he
hates it, but he simply cannot change it and he is so clear about that
if he obey it he gets well with it. If Bin wants to change the whole
system, it’s impossible for him not paying anything but feel real
things. Maybe what Bin does is kind of clever because apparently a
revolution never success without blood.
Does Bin really forget what he wants? To think positively, maybe he
wants to get some power first because it’s hard for a man without weapon
to win the war. As the saying goes: you either die a hero, or live long
enough to see yourself become the villain.

There is a saying goes that when the bees extinct, we human beings will
extinct too. So they make ADI for further survival. In fact, the ADI is
a monitor of the government to the citizens. It’s similar with the
murderer or Blue, the government do this because they think it helps
keep citizens safe from their perspective. But on the other hand, isn’t
it a kind of Invasion of privacy? The government can find the personal
information of any citizens if they want. I think that’s why the
director use ADI as the killing tool. I don’t know whether we will
extinct when bees gone, but what makes us worse is the human nature.
When they just shut down the entire system, they don’t care whether
human beings will extinct, they just care about the life of the
It seems that only high-tech ADIs help murderer achieves his goal, but I
find that when Blue chasing for the murderer, it’s in a quiet rural area
may be without ADIs and smart phones, which indicates that high-tech
things shouldn’t be responsible for the behaviour. No matter where and
when, you can always find someone doing things because of his own
justice. Technology is not something that harms human beings, what harms
us is the human nature.

“Happiness is only real when shared.” My tears are salty.

…But keep as many loose ties as possible.

In this episode, it seems that nobody achieves what they want. Abi wants
to be famous by her singing. She does become a well-known star, but by
becoming an adult actress. Bin wants something real, so he wants Abi to
become famous. In Bin’s mind, Abi’s song is like the only innocent thing
in the world that is full of over-decorated programs. After Bin lost Abi
and her singing. Bin wants something new, which is to change the system.
He worked desperately hard for it, he eats other’s leftovers and take
other’s apples in order to save merits to buy an entry ticket. But he
fails again when the judges say “the most heartfelt thing I’ve ever
seen”. Bin’s all expression is just a thing to the judges. It does make
them impressed but by Bin’s emotion, not the speech itself, which means
that the judges don’t even care what Bin says, but pay more attention to
the kind of passion that they have never seen. I would refer the judges
to kind of dominators of the world in this episode, they don’t see
people as people, and rather, they just see people as things that can
entertain themselves. They control audience’s taste in order to rule

The murderer’s killed all the people who have taken part in the Game of
Consequence according to his own justice. At the end of the episode, the
message from Blue to Karin says Got Him, what Blue does is the same as
the murderer, they all do what they think as justice. You may think what
Blue does is justice because she wants to bring the murderer to justice.
But what the murderer does is to punish those who leads to the first
three victims’ death, it’s another kind of justice. But do they have the
right to kill someone they think is evil?

By Tyler Tervooren 

I think that this episode is a visual version of the book 1984 written
by George Orwell. It wants to warn us that do not lose our independent
thinking. So this is not just an imagination of what will happen if the
technology develop to a certain degree, it talks more about the dark
sides of the human being.

The director doesn’t present things from the first person perspective,
but from a third person perspective, for example, behind the people or
through the fences, as if we are one of the peepers who stay behind the
computer, seeing all those things going. We are not feeling the action
of the main roles from the first person perspective. The director uses
empathy to bring us into Internet bully. When Tusk insults the 9-year
old child, we want to condemn him; when the male police delivered
#Death To Garrett Scholes (the murderer), we think that what the male
police does is just what we want. However, that means we are part of the
people who bully on the Internet. We are also becoming murderers

Pick somewhere you’ve never been and make a plan to go there. Don’t
think to hard about it. Don’t try to pick the perfect place. You’ll have
more opportunities to go elsewhere once you get started and frequent
abundant. If you need to save, then save. If you need to plan, then
plan. But, by all means, go.

In reality, the killing tools are ADIs (Autonomous Drone Insect) but I
think the real tool is people’s careless with their words towards
others. This means that all the words people say on the internet with
#Death To are the killing tools. People don’t need to pay for their
malicious words so they just attack anyone they don’t agree with using
the most horrible words. As we can see from Liza Bahar’s attitude and
words: I was just using my freedom of speech. It was funny, okay? It’s
not real. It’s a joke thing. I didn’t do anything. According to her
thought, the hashtag game is just funny. She didn’t realized that her
speech was part of the causes to Jo Power’s death. She is like almost
everyone who use Internet and takes Internet-bullying for granted. She
insults people hated in the nation and regards it as a kind of justice.
But when she hashtags someone to death, she is actually doing something

Use your persuasive powers to make the world a better place to live for
everyone. It takes the same amount of effort to do something good as it
does to do something evil, so you may as well work to make things

When you screw up and it hurts someone else, say you’re sorry. And don’t
just say it, actually mean it. Take a minute to understand the damage
you’ve done and make sure you convey that you’ve taken it seriously.

Be thankful every day for what you have because tomorrow it could be
gone. No matter how little you own, remember that there is always
someone with less. Always make the best of your situation and find
gratitude not just for the things you have, but the things you’ve

Stand up to authority.

I don’t claim to be extraordinary myself. In fact, I’m pretty sure that
doing so is an immediate disqualification. But, I can say that every day
I try and hopefully get a little bit closer.

If it matters to you, then it’s important. It doesn’t have to mean
something to anyone else. Take what you do seriously, and people will

If you want people to pay attention to you, then dress well and speak
like you know what you’re talking about.  There’s a reason we pay more
attention to people in expensive clothes. It’s the easiest way to tell
that someone cares about his or herself.

Nobody gets through life without making mistakes. If you’re lucky,
you’ll only make a few big ones and many small ones.

Don’t be afraid of this. The people who succeed the most in life usually
fail the most, too. At the same time that Babe Ruth was setting
baseball’s home run record, he was also setting the strikeout record.
Nobody really cares about that, though. The idea is to slowly tip the
scale towards success.


Take credit when you do something great…

It’s just as important to network with as many people as you possibly
can. You can’t have 10,000 best friends, but in today’s digital
keep you motivated, tell you jokes, and help you with the odd problem
you’re having are not that hard to come by.

It’s common in today’s world to simplyoutsource your
someone who’s better at them. That can be useful at times, but never
take it for granted.

Life was not meant to be lived in completely safety. Do not hide under a
rock when you’ve been called to stand up.Do something meaningful but
uncomfortable with
your time every single day.

Find what only you can give back.

By giving praise to the people that have made what you do possible,
you’ll get only respect back. The world has room for as many success
stories as can be told. Always expand the

Ignore your critics.

You have influence. It may be over just a few people or it may be over
millions; only time will tell. Whether you want it or not, you’ve got
it, and what you do with it will change the course of history forever.

Endeavor to become better at the things that hold you back and never
assign part of your life to someone when you don’t fully understand what
they’re doing with it. You’re the one in charge, so make sure you get
what you actually want.

When you feel like you have something to say, wait. Ask yourself if
you’ve taken the time to hear what’s been said to you. By understanding
others, you’ll be far better suited to help them understand you once
it’s your turn.

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